Who sends the most messages? What are the most common words used? What are the most common Emojis used? When do people message most often? If you’ve ever wondered these things about your WhatsApp groups with your mates, then this is the article for you. Find out with some (relatively) simple Python!

I am relatively new to Python, but this project gave me a really good intro to Python data wrangling as I had to use a lot of different techniques here as well as trying to explore the best one to use.

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Getting the Data

More simple than I thought, I never realised you could get this on WhatsApp. On your phone, go to the WhatsApp group and click the dot dot dots in the top right. Then got to ‘More’ and to ‘Export chat’. You can then select where to save this. I chose Google Drive and put it where I would be creating my Jupyter Notebook. …

I couldn’t find any all in one guide that goes through every part from start to finish of connecting to Strava’s API, so thought I’d do it myself after piecing everything together.

This was basically the first time I connected up to a REST API using Python, so hence why I’ve gone for the dummies version, as I was basically a dummy myself when I was trying all this.

Create your App/API Connection

Firstly, you need to create/register your App on your Strava profile, by going to this link: www.strava.com/settings/api (after signing in). I’ll explain the fields below.

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Details on field requirements explained below

For non-techies, or first timers (like I was), you may get confused by some of the terms/fields here, so here’s some explanation. …


Benji Knights Johnson

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